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 Hiya kids......

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Hiya kids...... Empty
PostSubject: Hiya kids......   Hiya kids...... EmptyMon Aug 11, 2008 5:02 am

....just this moment logged on Hiya kids...... Emteeth

Had a FAB time.....although never walked so much in my life! Did every theme park imaginable: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Seaworld (twice), Universal (both parks), Discovery Cove, Disney Hollywood Studios, Arabian Nights, WonderWorks, Aquatica and various other not-so-big stuff. Never want to eat again, after the first week I gave up on ordering main courses and stuck to appetisers LOL.....the meal's are way to big for a Brit!

Some of the restaraunts we went to were: Ponderosa, Buffalo Grill, Tony Roma, Olive Garden, Japanese Steak house, China Garden, Boston Lobster House (my fave)....not one burger was consumed apart from at the airport coming home LOL....lots of others but, they were at the parks.

Both flights were on time (thankgod).......and pretty painless although nearly had a row coming home with some snotty, bossy US customs chick who would of gone down well being employed with the Hitlers SS........she wanted to rip Zach's Build-a-Bear apart coz he tripped the buzzer. Over my dead body LOL......she ended up giving me a serious frisking and pat down which annoyed me even more......I could of punched her on the nose!

I got a cold on the first day so was drugged up for the first week (thankyou Walgreen's) but, it wasn't too bad and didn't ruin anything. Then Zach got an ear infection from swimming so he was on anti-biotics and ear-drops (thanks again Walgreen's for the $150 bill LOL)......apart from that, everyone was happy and healthy.

Took loads of photo's and spent a fortune on "proper" photo's which were taken at some of the parks........I need to figure out how to get them off my camera as I bought a small digi to take away with me rather than my big posh one. and, I'll copy some of the pro ones to show you.

Came home to the biggest mess of my life........the two rooms were completed but, there was an inch of brick and plaster dust on every floor, surface and room available....spent all weekend trying to clean it up.....that's still work in progress but, the rooms look lovely......at long last two rooms have flat walls and ceilings - YES!

Got the tree men round today, pruning and lopping down stuff in the garden and the kids are on hols now for another 3 and-a-bit weeks so am going to be busy. Although they have got a few day clubs lined up so I'll have the odd bit of time to meself.

I'll tell you more about some of the stuff we did later coz I need to catch up and do some reading here, and other places.......and of course I'll do the pics as and when I get round to it.

Hope you are all well

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Hiya kids......
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