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 The winter coat is nearly off.......

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The winter coat is nearly off....... Empty
PostSubject: The winter coat is nearly off.......   The winter coat is nearly off....... EmptyFri May 09, 2008 5:11 am

Just her neck, half her shoulders and half her saddle area to go.........

Washed her mane this morning.....didn't come up as white as I thought so will need another shampoo. Her tail is next.............will do that next week if the weather holds out....that will probably take a litre of shampoo to bring up sparkly.

Her field mate was hovering nearby and looking at me with great distaste........she was literally saying "if you come near me with that bucket and sponge, am going to eat you alive" but, she was very curious at the same time.

The nice thing about Astra is that I can do stuff in the field with her, no halter or anything and she'll stand still and really enjoy it.........this other kettle of fish is so different, she's like Astra when I first met her.........a witch LOL

I'll have to change my username soon........my Grumps is getting too mellow.

Although, tis time for riding soon and no doubt the old witch will give me a taster of her squealy, kicky self when she spots the saddle looming.

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The winter coat is nearly off.......
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