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 Good morning Thursday........

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Good morning Thursday........ Empty
PostSubject: Good morning Thursday........   Good morning Thursday........ EmptyWed May 07, 2008 11:26 pm

Have been pretty busy .......far too nice to sit indoors on the 'pooter at the moment. Am working 2 hours each morning at the boarding kennels at the farm this week, just helping out coz Susan sprained her wrist and was stuck with the mucking out. Horses are much nicer to muck out than dogs LOL Tis good fun though.

Another mate at the farm is on hols so am looking after her two ponies this week, they are very sweet and I love them to bits.......they are really affectionate and love a good cuddle.

Am tarting my stable and tack shed up......have chosen a baby blue colour for the doors (Astra's not a pink girl)......hoping to finish the walls this week and do the doors next week. Going to Homebase today to get a load of hose connectors coz the ones I have are all broken and by the time the water gets from the tap to the field, all I'm left with is a trickle where it's spurted out along the way.

Astra's nearly finished shedding.....just got her neck and saddle area to get ditched and then her summer coat will be all systems go......she really does look lush this year......got the most amazing dapples on her bum. Might wash her tail today and get the winter muck off......she can't have a lovely clean coat with a mucky tail.

Afternoons am out with the dogs and doing stuff in the garden and at home......and then that's the day over and time to get the kids home. Inbetween I still have house viewings.....had interest but, from people who havn't sold their own home so no offers yet. I need a cash buyer Good morning Thursday........ Emcry

That's about it from me really........busy but, enjoyably busy

I'll catch up real soon.

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Good morning Thursday........ Empty
PostSubject: kool   Good morning Thursday........ EmptyThu May 08, 2008 6:49 am

[b] wow you are busy ive not started on ladys stable yet the fields only opened on saturday houseworks done just the laundry to hang out and get lady april in later for the night the first two weeks we let them out during the day but in at night we can only paint our stables black white boring but there names can go on there walls any colour ladys is lavendar at mo but might do pink this year as ladys a pink girl lol just having nice brew and some peace quiet just got back with dogs have a great day derek lynn kits dogs bunny lady the pony here in uk
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Good morning Thursday........
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